Alternative Way Of Sharing Your Photos

Date Added: July 22, 2008 05:46:49 PM
Author: Steve Lamonte
Category: Arts and Humanities: Photography

Alternative Way Of Sharing Your Photos

With today's advanced technology of capturing digital photos using cameras, mobile, web cams is easier than ever to get loads of photo shots captured and stored in matter of seconds. Lots of people end up having hundreds of photos in their mobile or on their hard drive. Statistics show that 80 percent of these photos end up lost or deleted without the user even showing them to anybody or storing them properly.

Of course there are many software packages that allow you to create your virtual album, post your album on the net, and so on, all these are useful features of getting your photos published to a broader audience.

We all know that there are always specific memories that each of us is attached the most, and would like to keep them live for ever, in some form...when you want to get the maximum visibility of your favorite photos for sharing with your family what you can do at the end? You have the option of sending them to a photo service for printing for example. But you may want to have those special moments like wedding pictures or holiday pictures visible daily, and enlarged - an nontraditional way of achieving this is to turn them into canvas prints. Personalized canvas prints - this has been an original trend of keeping those special memories alive . This gives your picture an artistic dimension, and a texture that only oil paintings have, and true archival grade colors that last between 75 to 150 years.

There are several places on the web that provide this service, however with plenty of them there's the risk that you don't get what you expect: not every photo is suitable for this, the photo that you submit must have high resolution in order to get a good canvas print from it, and not every printer informs you about this. When selecting the service you want to get your photo printed on canvas, the first thing to consider is whether that web site shows you the canvas layout before you buy - otherwise you may end up having your photo cropped differently or resized in a way that you wouldn't like. This is especially important when there are people on the photo.

Crystal Canvas provides an affordable way of having your photos on canvas. Once you upload the photo, the website informs you whether the quality is good enough -i.e. the resolution of your photo is optimal for the size of canvas you selected. And you don't run the risk of getting the canvas printed incorrectly: the website shows you the layout of the photo in real 3D perspective before you buy. A really easy and straightforward two step ordering process that gives you the option to keep your memories alive, or just have some original gifts for your family and friends.


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