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Date Added: April 29, 2010 07:39:59 AM
Author: Cameron Miller
Category: Business: Internet
Was a disk volume with important documents damaged because of a system failure? No need to have your hard disk fixed by a local data recovery lab. Today you can handle the problem by yourself, providing you are armed with proper software packages. Disk Recovery Wizard makes it easy and simple for everybody to recover data from corrupted hard drives. All you need to do to recover your data completely is to select a corrupted device, and press "Next". Disk Recovery Wizard makes the complex procedure of disk recovery exceedingly simple for the user. Irrespective of the version of Windows you were using and the file system your disk had, Disk Recovery Wizard will carefully scan the corrupted drive to place all partitions and recover your disk and data. Disk Recovery Wizard recovers files and data, and repairs partition tables and file system structures on just about any kind of storage media. Hard drives are supported along with all types of flash memory cards, external hard disks, and even digital cameras connected via a USB port! The recovery of deleted data is an easy task for Disk Recovery Wizard. Unlike free "undelete" software available on the web, the Wizard software does not limit its search for deleted files with the file system. It scans your entire hard disk or memory card sector by sector to locate every file that can be recovered. The proprietary PowerSearch technology deploys an antivirus-like scanner tool to find a scope of popular document, archive and picture formats, allowing you to save files that were lost earlier. Disk Recovery Wizard is user-friendly, but the recovery algorithms are not. Disk Recovery Wizard benefits from years of unstoppable development, and uses highly advanced data recovery technologies widely available on the market. PowerSearch is able to find and save more than a hundred file formats, including Office documents, digital pictures in diverse formats, ZIP and RAR archives, RAW images from digital SLR cameras, and various sound and video files. Even if half of your hard disk is completely damaged, the Wizard disk recovery tool will recover the most important stuff from the other half. It is must-have software!

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