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Resources:IRS Tax Solutions. Find a Solution For Your Tax Problem
No matter what your problem is with your taxes there is a solution! The IRS and states have put in place many different mechanisms to allow any taxpayer in any situation to resolve a problem, no matter how bad you think your problem is. The worst thing you can do is to ignore the problem and not take action. If you owe the taxes and cannot pay there are various ways to resolve the problem depending on your unique financial problem and amount owed, whether it is settling for less than is owed or paying back the taxes owed through a monthly agreement, or putting collections on hold until your financial situation improves.

IRS Tax Levy: How a Federal Tax Levy Works, How to Release & Help
A tax levy is the legal seizure of property done by the IRS in full fill tax debt that is owed. A tax levy is something that shouldn't be taken lightly, the IRS will continue to take assets until your tax liability is satisfied. It is important to understand how levies work to ensure you take the right actions to avoid them or to stop the IRS from property seizures.

IRS Tax Lien: How a Federal Tax Lien Works, How to Release & Help
A tax lien is the first major step the IRS takes against taxpayers in order to collect delinquent taxes. The IRS used the lien to secure claim to assets in order to ensure the taxpayer pays their taxes owed. Understanding how a tax lien works is important in order to figure out how to get the IRS to remove it.