4 Typing Survey Scams To Be Cautious Of

Date Added: October 18, 2007 09:16:45 AM
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You are probably well aware that everything on the internet is not to be trusted.  You also are probably aware that there are type survey scams spread across the internet.  But are you familiar with some of the most common scams that get people day in and day out.  Here are 4 type survey scams to be cautious of.

1. Small fee for large payout

There are a number of type survey programs that claim you can make a six-figure income simply from filling out surveys online.  All it costs you is a minute fee that tends to range from $10 to $50.  What makes this a type survey scam is that you will not find a program out there that you can legitimately make six-figures from.  While many programs are great for picking up additional income on the side, do not expect to become rich off of it. 

2. Giving out your cell phone number

Just like with telemarketers, you never want to give out your cell phone number to programs you do not trust.  You should never have to confirm a membership by giving the company your cell phone number.  Because it is an internet-oriented program, you should be able to confirm your membership by responding through your email.  What will end up happening is you will receive phone calls that cost you up to $6 a call and numerous text messages with special offers.

3. Phone bill type survey scam

Much like your giving out your cell phone number, be cautious of giving out your name and address as well.  By giving out your telephone number and other personal information you will be able to fill out a survey.  From there, you will be given the option to receive a free issue for a magazine subscription.  It seems harmless, but having your information allows them to tack on a monthly or yearly bill for the subscription onto your telephone bill.  And what is troubling is that very few people notice the small $10 fee added on.

4. Multiple offer screens

Everyone has encountered this at some point in time regardless of whether you have filled out a survey before.  But this is one of the most common type survey scams on the internet.  You will be filling out a survey and as you complete it, you will be directed to another site offering you a special deal.  The trick is that clicking no will only take you to another “amazing offer” that you cannot pass up.  After awhile, you may eventually click yes to one of the offers just to finish the survey.  Some offers will not cost you money, but you can expect to receive a plethora of calls from telemarketers who know you are “now interested.”

Article Written By: Tom Dahne

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