5 Reasons Why You Should Play Rummy

Date Added: March 16, 2018 11:34:51 AM
Author: Rohit choudhary
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Different people have different hobbies and like to entertain themselves in different ways. However, those diversions can definitely be deemed better, which not only amuse you but also entail other advantages. For card game lovers, playing rummy is a very nice leisure pursuit. What is it that has helped this traditional card game go strong even in the modern high tech world of today? Well, this pastime comes loaded with a number of benefits that its players are able to derive by indulging in it. Let us delve deeper into the reasons why you should play this card game.

Great Stress Buster

The first and foremost reason is that it is an activity in which you get totally engrossed, experience superb adrenaline rush and forget everything else. It moves in such a way and at such a pace that you automatically stop thinking about your worries and hectic life. It thoroughly entertains and relaxes you. Stress becomes a thing of the past as you start feeling rejuvenated. 

Maths is Fun

Even a mention of the words ‘permutations’, ‘combinations’ and ‘probability’ is enough to give jitters to a lot many people. However, when you play the game, you unknowingly implement these mathematical principles to play the game better in order to win and in the process naturally gain a hold over them. It can even be used by teachers to teach numbers, calculations and other mathematical concepts to kids, including slow learners. Lo and behold! Learning Mathematics becomes fun!

Sharpens Mind, Memory and Reflexes

It involves awesome exercise of the mind and memory. When you play rummy, you need to think prudently and quickly to plan and carry out your winning moves. At the same time, you have to closely watch the moves of your opponents and commit to memory the cards picked and dropped by them in order to inhibit their progress. Also, you rack your brains hard to think of innovative approaches. When you play the game in routine, your brain, memory and reflexes become sharper. 

Key Values of Life

The game also requires you to proceed after carefully contemplating the consequences of your steps. This helps you to acquire patience as you learn to weigh the pros and cons of your actions before going ahead with them. You also learn to stay focused on your task as also keep an eye on the actions of your adversaries. Moreover, it being a game, it can meander in any unexpected direction, in anybody’s favour at any time, despite everybody putting their best foot forward. So, you imbibe a crucial lesson of life that anything can happen anytime and one must always be prepared to take things in one’s stride, accept victory and defeat in the same vein, never be complacent or arrogant, be prudent, try out of the box ways to accomplish one’s goals and learn from one’s mistakes.

Extra Bucks

Those who are deft at the game hold good chances of minting money with the game. You would be amazed to know that earning money by playing online games has become a new found career option in the contemporary era of advanced technology and diversification. This is of course includes online rummy. Otherwise also, if one is able to fill one’s coffers while entertaining oneself, who would mind it!


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