Acupuncture increases the chances of success of IVF

Date Added: August 04, 2011 09:05:19 PM
Author: Dr. Raul
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Today, medicine has a very complete range for couples with fertility problems such as:

In vitro fertilization
Artificial insemination
Fertilization by ICSI
Transfer of gametes intratubéria
Ovulation induction
Egg freezing
Puncture of Epididymis
Egg Donation
MESA (Micro epididymal Aspiration)
TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration)
TESE (Testicular Sperm Extration)

Even with several conventional treatment options, more and more people are seeking alternative therapies before starting the process of assisted reproduction. As research article by Dr. Eric Manheimer acupuncture can increase by 65% ​​the chance of success in IVF.

But before opening another front in the treatment, it is noteworthy that many therapists and acupuncturists are keen to stress that alternative treatments do not offer a magic solution, and the goal is simply to let the couple in good physical and mental condition for the coming baby. Treatment of so-called "alternative" Acupuncture is the most motivated the medical community has to understand why some studies show its effectiveness. The acupuncturist Roisin Golding of London, says that 60% of people who seek it, seek treatment for fertility problems.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that involves the application of needles in defined points of the body, called "acupuncture points" or "acupoints" for therapeutic effect in various conditions. Although still considered as an alternative treatment to the WHO (World Health Organization) classifies it as a complementary treatment. According to Golding, "in Chinese medicine, the body is a large orchestra and should be adjusted to work together in harmony," explains the acupuncturist, and states that "treatment can correct the imbalances in a very subtle, like a block of energy preventing pregnancy. " According to Golding, the acupuncturist seeks to correct any hormonal imbalances that can cause problems getting pregnant, and also looks at general health issues such as insomnia, stress and digestion problems, which can affect conception. Proof The research published in the article by Dr. Eric Manheimer in conjunction with the University of Maryland, USA, and the VU University in the Netherlands, were based on seven studies that looked at 1,366 women since 2002. The study divided the women into three categories. The first category consisted of women who were in the acupuncture treatment, the second consisted of women who were being treated "Sham" (which a sham treatment received aa Women's needles in random places) and finally only women without any treatment. The survey found that acupuncture increased by 65% ​​the chance of pregnancy in women treated by IVF. The research concluded that it is not clear how acupuncture works, but they believe that stress caused by the treatment to get pregnant "can be alleviated by relaxation provided by acupuncture."


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