All-mobile ski snowboard & ski resort guide puts the whole resort in your pocket

Date Added: May 04, 2009 03:46:55 PM
Author: Richard Sinclair
Category: Travel & Vacation

We don't take laptops with us on a skiing holiday & hardly ever get to an internet cafe... but everyone carries their cell phone with them, everywhere, all the time - even when skiing on the mountain!

Now you can find whatever you want in your ski resort, right there in your pocket

Free mobile ski, snowboard, snow forecast & ski resort guide is the first complete ski resort guide to the world’s top winter resorts, which works on ALL cell phones (ie not just smart phoones) with ski resort info & ratings, Snow Forecast & Piste Conditions, Events, apres ski Bars, Restaurants, Taxi, Childcare, Catered ski chalet Accommodation, self catered apartments & hotels, Airport Transfers, Shops, Ski Rental & ski Lessons, Ski Holiday Deals, Webcams, Indoor Activities, Mountain Guides and much more... all with Free with Maps, Directions & Email... & it all works on ALL mobile phones!

it works as normal on a PC – but is designed especially to be viewed on your mobile phone, when in your ski resort

Find your way around your ski resort with free navigation on ALL phones - each business shows map & you can save your ski chalet or apartment address, to get navigation directions around town and home to your accommodation too (no GPS phone needed!)

Stay in touch on your ski holiday with free email you can use on any mobile phone & PC (no smartphone or PDA needed!) - even from the ski slopes!

Entire site is completely free to view - they don't charge a penny (and they make sure your network can’t fleece you too... read on)

Fast & avoids big data bills - text-based design makes data size of each page tiny – mobile data is much cheaper these days but you still don’t want to be viewing the huge pages designed for a PC screen, especially when “roaming” abroad on a skiing holiday.  Usually your phone downloads the whole PC page & squashes it to fit, meaning you download a lot of data for each page you view (especially on ski website which have lots of huge pictures). pages are mainly text to minimise data size, plus they resize all pictures for your phone – snoProblem!

To try it out, go to on your phone and simply Choose your Ski Resort (eg Chamonix) and there it is, the whole ski resort in your pocket!  You can also use it on your PC, as there’s an on-screen phone that works just like a real one (again, simply Choose your Ski Resort).

Skiers & snowboarders prefer to support LOCAL business, rather than big chains, when on a winter holiday

When starting their business, did a bit of ski/board research and they found that, just like us, most snow lovers would prefer to support LOCAL business – to help keep mountain resorts the buzzing places we all love to visit. is designed to make it easy for us to do exactly that – we approve!

You can try out on your mobile or via your PC web browser with their on-screen phone – they also have local domains like and which go straight to that ski resort’s homepage, but you can find any ski resort from the main homepage

If you have a business in a ski resort or service, ski accommodation like self-catered apartments or fully catered chalets, après-ski events, property for sale, ski jobs vacant, skiing holiday deals or last-minute ski offers, go to & click “Get Listed” - everyone can find you, even if they don't have a computer!  Most ski websites charge one or two hundred euros/dollars per year to list your business (and they only have PC pages, not mobile) but has decided to make theirs an ethical business, where all ski businesses can afford to Get Listed, so they’ve kept the price down to just €25 or $33 per year – it’s not just a marketing claim when they say they’re helping us to support local business!

Foreget iPhone apps that only give you snow forecast etc – iPhones account for less than 2% of mobile phone sales – works on ALL cell phones (even your twenty quid pay-as-you-go) and their weather/snow/piste info is just a tiny part of this huge mobile website – we love it and wish them every success!  Help them like we are, by adding a link to to your own website or blog – it’s not often that a business tries to do the right thing, let’s help them make it work!


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