All You Need To Know About Website Navigation

Date Added: April 30, 2010 10:34:03 PM
Author: Halum
Category: Sciences: Search Engines
Website navigation is a significant issue for any website owner. Web development professionals affirm that in case users can't navigate through your website they will leave rather quickly. What are the criteria of a good navigation instrument? These are simplicity and effectiveness. If you drive a car you should know the high importance of GPS guide while you're making a trip to the area you aren't familiar with. Navigation map on the website has the same significance for people visiting it and helps them to find what they need without particular difficulties. Here you will get several recommendations on website navigation instruments. Keep them in mind during web design process to provide high traffic to your website. The fundamental influence on the site navigation has its structure. Insert such web pages as services or products that you offer, info about the company, faq, or frequently asked questions, contact information. It is a great idea to give the history of the company and investor or retailer info as well. Once you decided on the pages that should be present on your site it's time to think of their organization. What are the ways to do it? Fancy that your website is a book, and you have some various pages. Now you have to combine similar pages into "chapters" and dispose them in a logical order. Don't forget to create links to various elements of your Internet site directly from the homepage, like you can pass on to any chapter in the book using its contents. From time to time it helps to put yourself in you customers' shoes. Will it be easy for them to navigate through your website? What are the most interesting pages of your website and are they easy to be directed to? As soon as you decided on the website navigation it's high time to begin web design itself. You have various effects such as Flash, JavaScript or Java at your disposal. Try to make your links as accessible as possible. Make certain that all the icons and terms at your Internet site are understandable to people not familiar to your business. What's more, it's an amazing thought to include a search box at the top of every page of your internet site. In case people cannot find what they are searching for at your site most of them will prefer to use this box rather than to leave your website.

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