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There are hundreds of campsites around the U.S. and Canada, and around Europe, Australia and many other parts of the globe.

Whether you like desert areas, evergreen trees, lakes and mountains, or even swampland, there's a campsite to match your taste. You can camp out in the hot sands of Arizona or Nevada. You can head for lush, green New Hampshire or Idaho and you can head south to the Ozarks.

If you've seen much of the U.S. and want to expand your horizons, there are just as many campsites in Canada. Though desert and swampland will be harder to find, there is just as much or more of mountains, lakes and forests.

The Rocky Mountain chain in British Columbia is even larger and more impressive than it is in Colorado. In the west there are dry areas, similar to Eastern Washington, that offer wineries for a nice break along your trip. Farther north there's the frozen tundra similar to the type that gives much of Alaska its stark beauty. To the east there are the amazing lands of Ontario and Quebec, where the lakes and forests rival anything to be found in Vermont or Maine.

You may want to search even farther out by heading off to Europe.

Areas of Siberia are much like Alaska, only larger than even that huge state. The Black Forest extends larger than some states and the variety of trees and wildlife is second to none anywhere. The Altay mountains offer kayaking, horseback riding, climbing and a dozen other activities. The similarities to the U.S. allow you to apply your U.S. camping knowledge, while the differences will excite all your senses with the thrill of the new.

The Black Forest of Germany in Baden-Württemberg is one of the world's most renown camping areas on the planet and for good reason. With one of the world's largest lakes you won't lack for entertainment near the water. Brush up on a few words of German, though. Most of the tourism is from Germany and Switzerland and you may find communication a challenge.

You could head south to Greece where you'll find sunny beaches and glorious stark, rocky hills overlooking stunning blue water. Or you can head inland 20 km and explore some of the area away from the coast. Greece is especially popular with younger campers, so you're sure to strike up a friendship.

Portugal has its own share of sunny beach campgrounds, too. Or you can take off for the mountains where the locals have been accommodating campers for generations. You can find everything from little more than bare ground to fully equipped campsites with showers, restaurants and sports activities.

The UK has a hundred options in a half-dozen countries. Swansea in Wales is near the sea, while Gwynedd in the far north has spectacular blue-green mountains. Scotland has two dozen major areas, around the coast with views of wild seas of Orkney or high in the Highland mountains.

Anywhere you want to go and any type of atmosphere you want to enjoy is available. Let the world be your oyster. Pick a pearl.

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