Dress Shirts for Women are an Elegant Choice

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Dress Shirts for women are essential clothing items that guarantee an extra dose of elegance and style for those who wear them. A dress shirt is necessary for an occasional formal event where you need to be looking nice. But it is also beautiful as part of more casual dress: two buttons undone, rolled-up sleeves, paired with jeans and sneakers for Sunday brunch.

Due to its stylish cut and versatility, the dress shirt has survived passing fashions and eras without ever losing its freshness and can be adapted to the most different tastes and styles.


Tips for Choosing the Right Shirt

When you shop for dress shirts online, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to get a button-up that truly fits and flatters. The most important thing to pay attention to is the fit of the shirt.

The right dress shirt fits well if it follows the contours of your body with little excess fabric. The clean lines of a well-fitting shirt are appealing to the eye and flattering to the body. It is important to make sure that the shirt is not too tight, though. You don’t want a shirt so tight that you almost can’t move, and your buttons look like they’re about to pop open any minute.

Another important consideration is the fabric of the shirt. The best and most widely used fabric for dress shirts is cotton and, as a rule, the finer the cotton, the finer the shirt. The most frequently used quality indicators for cotton fabrics are the yarn numbers, which refers to the thickness of the fabric and ply, which refers to the number of threads woven together before the fabric is made. Quality shirts usually have a higher yarn number and thread count resulting in a smooth, soft fabric.


When to Wear a Dress Shirt?

To many women dress shirts symbolize power, authority, and perhaps even masculinity that makes them doubtful as to when and where to wear them. The answer to this question is quite simple, though.

A dress shirt is just an elegant clothing item and neither feminine nor masculine. It is designed to create a streamlined silhouette and bring out the best in the woman wearing it. In a variety of situations.

A women’s dress shirt can be worn whenever you want to wear it. Even though this item of clothing is perfect for the office, it isn’t just for formal attire. It also looks wonderful with more casual clothes.

You can combine the dress shirt dress pants for smart casual style. If you have more skirts in your wardrobe than jeans and pants, fear not because you can still make the dress shirt work for you. You can team the shirt with a pencil skirt and look awesome.

A dress shirt and jeans combination is a weekend go-to if you wish to excel at effortless elegance. Comfortable yet chic, it’s perfect for a Saturday spent shopping or a family day out. You can tuck the shirt in or leave it out, open the collar, and roll up the sleeves for a simple yet stylish casual outfit.

A dress shirt might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about party wear, but it can make you stand out stylishly at any party. Try pairing your shirt with a tuxedo or maxi skirt for a formal evening look. You’ll achieve an amazing result if you pick a white shirt with French cuffs.

In short, when and where you choose to wear your shirt is entirely up to you.  


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