How Can Aromatherapy Help You Care For Your Skin

Date Added: January 03, 2009 05:34:38 AM
Author: Tom Dahne
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There are a number of health advantages to aromatherapy.  It can release any built up stress or anxiety you may be experiencing, it can relieve any muscle aches, and can eliminate chronic problems you are battling.  However, aromatherapy also acts as an effective all natural skin care.

Skin is the most susceptible part of our body, which is precisely why it is essential you take good care of it.  Whether you are battling from acne or dry skin, aromatherapy skin care can do wonders for your overall skin complexion.

There is no doubt that skin care is vital to maintaining a healthy life.  There are numerous things that can contribute to poor skin including extreme heat, makeup, fatty foods and oils.  For some, the answer seems to be compiling a plethora of skin creams and lotions on their face.  While there are some lotions and creams that are effective, this is not always the answer.

If you are not seeing the results you had hoped for from creams and lotions, organic body care from aromatherapy is the answer.  So how exactly can you benefit from aromatherapy skin care?  Essential oils can help reduce the bacterial and fungal infections in your skin thus soothing sensitive and inflamed skin.

As you purchase essential oils, it is vital you match them with your skin tone and condition.  This will allow you to reap all of the benefits that can come from essential oils.  Just know that lavender, rose, and geranium can be used on several different skin types because it helps keep the skin balanced. 

If you are battling dry skin, rosemary, carrot seed, rosewood and sandalwood will be your best options for oils to choose from.  Dry skin can sometimes be caused by a lack of oil production and these oils will help you stimulate natural oil production over time.

If you are battling oil skin then your best options include basil, eucalyptus, cedar wood and lavender.  The reason for this is because these oils will help neutralize the oils on your face and reduce them to a normal state.

It is amazing what kind of an affect all natural skin care can have on your overall skin.  By applying the right type of essential oils to your skin, you will be amazed at the type of results you see.  No longer will you have to suffer from dry skin, oily skin, or an acne-infested face.  Take advantage of what aromatherapy skin care has to offer you today.

Article Written By: Tom Dahne

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