How to Check Your Websites Link Pop and Google PR

Date Added: February 14, 2007 12:22:05 PM
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A search for Link Popularity Check yields almost a million results when it is typed into the Google Search Engine.  There are plenty of resources to choose from.  I tend to use Market Leap because it has a very high Page Rank.  The web address is

To check your Google PR, it is easiest just to download the Google toolbar.  You can download it at:  Once installed, a site's page ranking will appear at the top of the page as a tiny green and white measurement.
At first glance, the Google toolbar does not display a page's PR numbers.  It will only show you what range your PR falls into.  The ranking scale ranges from PR0 to PR10.  PR0 is not believed to be a real calculation from the Page Rank system.  If you hover over the Page Rank button with your mouse, the actual number will be displayed. 
The toolbar value is a good indicator of a page's Page Rank, but in reality it only gives you an idea of where your webpage falls within the scale. One PR3 page could be just above the PR3 division while another PR3 page could be just below PR4.  They are ranked the same but there could be almost 1 whole PR rating in between them.

It is important to check a website's Google PR before attempting to solicit a link from it.  Choose web pages with a higher Google PR than yours.  That way, their 'vote' for your site will be more heavily weighted than those that have lower rankings than you, and your PR ranking will elevate quickly.

With the Link Directory Submitter, all the guesswork has been taken out.  Each directory's PR is conveniently listed within the software.  Over half of our Directories rank between a PR4 and a PR7. 

When you use the directory submitter you don't need to download the Google toolbar.  No more scavenging the web to look for directories with a high Page Rank.  The directory submitter has already located 1400+ quality directories with PR's that will blow your mind.

Simply pick and choose among our conveniently listed directories to find the ones that are topic-specific and already list a high PR.  It's a no-brainer.

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