Practicing Yoga The Best Natural Tool to Manage Stress

Date Added: May 05, 2009 06:17:58 AM
Author: Tom D
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Stress can grow to high levels and slowly devour your health bit by bit. Many young people are nowadays a victim of this damaging condition. People belonging to all major occupations are going through stress of various kinds in their life. In this article, we will be looking into what exactly causes stress and how you can cure it naturally through the use of Yoga. However, before we hit upon the subject of dealing with stress with yoga, it's important to clearly understand what exactly stress is and how it impacts our life.

Stress is nothing but a mental pressure created due to excessive work or fatigue of any kind. Another major cause for stress is by thinking heavily about the past, present or future or even worrying about work. For example, a businessman who exports his products to different countries might go through a number of ups and downs in business, many of which are short lived. However, this leads him to develop a large amount of stress that can eventually lead to severe problems to his mental health.

In today's world, we go through stress in every part of our life, whether it's offices, schools, colleges or any place where there is a pressure to perform and give results. Students tend to face stress during exam times, 9-5 workers face the stress because of the pending work that needs to be done on time etc. This generally results in people consuming medications such as narcotics, sedatives and tranquilizers (which cure anxiety). Such medicines may calm the mind of a person but when taken on a long-term basis, they can give rise to other serious maladies.

Given all this, there is still a way to naturally combat stress and can be called a lethal weapon against this disorder - yes, I'm talking about yoga. Yoga is the ancient practice that can give you good health and help you rejuvenate your inner self to a high extent. It has been practiced over time by many experienced yogis in ancient India and now has turned out to be a major health revolution in the modern age.

Coming back to stress management, yoga gives you a unique way to manage stress through the use of controlled breathing, which is called Prayanama. During this technique a person breathes in a slow and steady manner, like inhaling through one of this nostrils and exhaling through the other. Besides this, there are also fast paced breathing techniques, like inhaling air via the nostrils and exhaling it through the mouth. Doing this makes sure that the air is passed through the blood capillaries properly and the practitioner himself feels lighter, meaning he or she feels that there is absolutely no burden on their soul or mind.

Finally, Yoga has proved to be the best stress management tool that's natural without any side effects. The western world is adopting it fast for a reason and that is getting the most of your inner self, while avoiding the use of offensive allopathic drugs that do long term damage. Make a wise decision today, and start on your road to a better, healthier well-being.


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