Thermofocus: the family application of an industrial marvel

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Thermofocus: the family application of an industrial marvel

The Thermofocus Infrared thermometer is the first and only infrared thermometer for use in the home (international patents pending).

It has been tested in medical professional environments around the world, with positive reviews.


Utilising technology previously used in industry to test for hotspots in electrical systems and weaknesses in manufactured metals, it is the first practical application of such technology in the home.


The Technology On their homepage, Tecnimed, the manufacturer’s of the Thermofocus, describe its technical and scientific advances as thus:


Thermofocus collects at distance the infrared emissions that all the objects and the living beings diffuse in relation with the body's superficial characteristics and in a bigger proportion when the body temperature is high.


Thermofocus takes the body temperature on the forehead. The forehead is the perfect place where to take the temperature because it is supplied by the temporal artery, that receives blood from the aorta and the carotid which ensure a significant blood flow in that area; moreover the forehead is the only part of the head in direct contact with the brain that is not covered with hair.


The brain is the most delicate organ of our body and it is the one that can be more damaged by temperature excesses.


At the same time the head is the first part of the body that changes its temperature when in a feverish state, both when fever is raising and when it is getting lower.


It is very important to know that it does not exist an only one "normal" temperature for everybody: everybody has his own temperature that varies during the day also on the basis of the person's physical or mental activities (the cry in case of a baby). Moreover, the temperature changes from area to area and it can be influenced by the external temperature and by various factors, according to the kind of measurement. Also the temperature differences between the various areas (frontal, oral, axillary, rectal, and tympanic) that are usually used for temperature measurement change from person to person.


Following the dissipation of heat that the non-protected parts of the body undergo, the normal temperature that can be taken on a person's forehead is usually lower than the one of other covered parts. For this reason, Thermofocus' internal software automatically applies a correction to give a value that is approximately comparable to the oral temperature (that is usually lower than rectal one, with a variable value between 0,3 and 0,8C). The temperature taken with Thermofocus on the forehead of a healthy person can usually vary from 35 to 38C, but in some cases, above all in adults and in elderly people, it can be lower than 35C.


A person who has a forehead temperature that is usually low, will have a lower feverish state's threshold if compared to a person whose temperature is normally higher and vice versa.

For this reason, to better assess possible feverish states, it is convenient to know the temperature of every single family member, when in ideal health conditions and in the various moments of the day.

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Reception within the Medical World


The Thermofocus has been lauded by medicial professionals for its versatility and removal of any risk of cross-contamination:


“The Thermofocus thermometer has been the best item brought into the recovery room since I have been here. Often times when the patient is sleeping we wake them by taking their temperature. With this Thermofocus we can take the temperature as many times as needed without disturbing the patient at rest or scaring the kids thinking it will hurt. I feel every healthcare facility should have a Thermofocus for their patients.” Lilia Alonso, Nursing Staff "...Safe, painless and accurate. Will revolutionize the health industry and make a difficult part of parenting a delight..." – Richard Lagueruela, MD


Although the Thermofocus was built primarily for use in the home, it has been put to effective use in medical environments (as documented above), and in emergency situations.


During the outbreak of SARS in 2002-03, its use was implemented in Asian airports as a high-speed means of testing passengers for signs of fever.


Alternative Uses within the Home

The Thermofocus is also effective in other capacities within the home: it can be used to measure temperatures of food, bath water etc, as well as displaying the room temperature when not in use.


This great product is available here.


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