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Date Added: October 18, 2007 09:20:41 AM
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All over the internet there are differing opinions when it comes to typing for cash.  There are some people that enjoy it very much and like picking up the extra income on the side.  Then there are the people that absolutely dread doing it and feel they get nothing from it.  The only way you can determine if typing for cash is for you is to try it out.

You will find out fairly quickly whether or not they are for you.  Sometimes you do not have a choice.  If you are in need for extra cash, typing data entry, surveys, or articles can be a great way to pick up the slack.  It takes up very little of your time and can supply you with a high hourly wage.  The problem is that you will not become rich off of it.

Anyone that expects to become rich from typing online needs to do a little bit more research.  Typing for cash is more for the people looking to make more money on the side of their other job or business.  There are people claiming you can make six-figure incomes, but this is only setting you up for failure.

Another problem some people have with typing for cash is that it is repetitive and boring.  There is very little skills or knowledge required to type online.  It is to your benefit if you are a decent writer because you will be able to get much more accomplished a lot quicker.  But overall, it does not take a genius to type online.  For some people, it is the challenge of a job that keeps them motivated.

The last concern you may run into is that the sky is not the limit like every other online opportunity.  You are limited to the amount of work that is available.  That is primarily the reason why people do not get rich from taking surveys.  Sure, you will have an incredibly high hourly rate.  But that does not mean much if you are only putting in five or ten hours a week.

Now that all of the concerns are out of the way, how about some positives.  While it can be frustrating not getting that much work, it can also be great if you have another job that is demanding.  You can type for cash whenever you want at whatever time of the day.  And because there are few hours to put in, you can still focus primarily on your main job.

You will find that it is extremely flexible as well.  If you need to take time off to focus on other things, you can easily take a few weeks or months off and then come right back to where you left off.  There are no legal bindings or contracts that are holding you back.  And this is something that you will find with very few professions in the world.

These are a few of the things that may help you decide whether or not typing for cash is for you.  But all in all, the best way to determine if it is for you is to try it out and see what kinds of reactions you get.

Article Written By: Tom Dahne

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