Title:Paramount Training and Development
Category:Education & Research: Adult Education

Training for businesses and individuals in Perth. Short courses, workshops and Training. Customer Service, Sales, receptionist training plus more. Go to www.paramounttraining.com.au

Resources:Sales Training In Perth
We can provide one of the above courses or design a Sales course for your business. We are not your normal training providers in as much as we will go to great lengths to leave an impression on your employees. Your employees will come away inspired, motivated and ready for action. Sales Training with a difference. For details of any of the courses please contact us below.

Customer Service Training In Perth
Customer Service training with a difference, as different industries are different. We provide customer service training to a range of industries and each course we offer can be customised to cater for your specific industry. Online communication, Face to Face, and Telephone customer service has a large impact on your image, your earnings and your business relationships with clients. Provide the skills required to offer your customers/clients a service second to none. Empower your staff to go above and beyond the basic service that many provide.

Sales Professional Ttraining In Perth
A course for individuals and businesses to increase sales potential. Modules such as closing, rapport, performance techniques and body language to help the sales professional. Sales skills you require if your in the sales role. Perform at your best. Learn how to overcome objections and communicate what you want.