Title:PCLiveHelp IT Support
Category:Computers: Companies
Description:Online IT support help is just a click away, whether you’re at home using a personal device or need technical support for your business. We can help with just about any software or hardware problem, from diagnosing and removing viruses and malware to troubleshooting network issues. In the unlikely event that we can’t solve your problem, we’ll help you find a solution. The friendly, knowledgeable UK technicians can walk you through issues such as software installation, lessons/tutorials, virus removal and making your computer work faster and more efficiently. We can also guide you through an easy process of installing software that allows us to directly access your computer remotely, so we can diagnose problems and make the necessary changes for you. And don’t worry, only we can access your computer, and only with your permission each time. We would never compromise your security. We provide online PC help as well as support for tablets, networks and even mobile phones–any device you use to access the Internet. We understand how frustrating it can be when your computer or other device doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, or when you run into a technical problem and don’t know where to begin to find the information needed to fix it. Even trying to install and use new software can be a hassle, but now it’s easy to get help with all of those issues and more, quickly and affordably. Business owners–especially those with small to medium businesses–can outsource IT support to us for an economical and effective solution. Don’t lose valuable time and productivity to technical problems or wait for a large IT support company to fit you in between other clients. We can provide fast, expert help, usually at a fraction of the price. We pride ourselves on offering affordable pricing for both home users and businesses. No contracts are required. You can choose from one-time pricing options, ranging from a half-hour consultation for more basic problems to a two-hour consultation for more complex issues. You can also choose among our monthly plans or even design a custom plan built around your support needs, all without making a long-term commitment. Another advantage we offer is the ongoing relationships we build with our clients. Unlike large companies where you may get a different technician each time and have to bring them up to speed, with us you will usually have the same technician respond each time. It’s like having a friend in the tech business! Whether you are a home user or business owner, our specialized remote IT services can give you improved efficiency, quick resolution of any problems, general support and assistance and, maybe most importantly, peace of mind.
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