Title:Philadelphia Contingency Fee Business Attorney
Category:Business: Lawyers
Description:Max Kennerly is a Philadelphia attorney and lawyer at The Beasley Firm representing plaintiffs in civil litigation, including contingent fee business lawsuits, business fraud, whistleblower (such as False Claims Act, Dodd-Frank, and IRS tax fraud) claims, patent infringement, civil RICO (racketeering), and antitrust (such as monopoly, combination, and unfair practices). The firm also has a long history of success in medical malpractice (such as surgery complications, delivery / birth complications, iatrogenic injury, and misdiagnosis, wrong diagnosis, and failure to diagnose), personal injury (such as brain injury, spine injury, wrongful death), civil rights, and accident cases. The firm has recovered more than $1 billion for its clients.
Resources:Antitrust Business Torts Commercial Litigation Attorney
Whistleblower (Qui tam, IRS, Dodd-Frank) Attorney
Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Attorney