Title:Trading on Smartphones with Capital.com
Category:Money & Finance
Description:Fintech company Capital.com is a reliable provider of trading software solutions and mobile applications. The company recently drew media and public attention when it presented its unique mobile trading app in May 2017. The app in question has provided investors worldwide with a suitable platform for trading financial products directly from smartphones. The sophisticated technology of the app enables investors to make smart trading decisions as fast as possible. Its interface is intuitive and personalised, boosting traders’ capacity to perform quickly, confidently and efficiently. Educational finance and investment content can be easily accessed via Investmate, the company’s new edu app. The app's primary goal is to teach finance and trading to absolute beginners and eventually transform them into experienced traders. But there’s something for advanced traders too, Investmate is up-to-date with trading best practices, creating a learning experience for everyone. Its educational technology is based on a complete user immersion into the world of investment. Located in Limassol, Capital.com operates under the regulation of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission as a licensed investment firm.