Title:Who is Liable in a Car Accident?
Category:Business: Attorneys
Description:When you find out your loved one was in a car accident, we all fear the worst outcome. But once the smoke has gone away and hopefully everyone is okay, the issue of who is really responsible comes to mind. So does car accident liability fall on the driver or owner? Everyone knows a person who has been involved in a car accident. Whether it is a small accident, a fender bender or a major crash that involved serious injuries, one of the first topics to come up is frequently the issue of fault (or “liability”). We’ve heard possible clients say countless times that the issue of fault in their accident is clear-cut and there’s no way that any other party (including themselves) could have caused the accident. While these individuals are right most of the time, occasionally they are wrong. Indeed, some of these folks are wrong because they are actually at fault. However, their view of liability can also be incorrect because in Georgia a non-driver/non-passenger who wasn’t even in the vehicle during the accident can be found liable for damages nevertheless.
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