Title:WPF Chart controls and libraries
Category:Computers: Programming
Description:SciChart supports DirectX powered WPF 3D Chart Controls and is the leading WPF Chart vendor in the world. SciChart includes Real-time WPF 3D Surface Mesh Chart, WPF 3D Bubble Chart, WPF 3D Point-Cloud Chart, WPF 3D Scatter Chart and more. As the market leader in WPF 3D Charts and Fast WPF Charts, SciChart provides world-class support and the level of the support has often been praised by customers as being even better than those of huge corporations like Microsoft. This kind of customer satisfaction that SciChart is able to offer only makes the team behind the name even more ambitious and confident in offering the best WPF Chart software on the market. SciChart offers 25x WPF Chart Types plus 8x WPF 3D Charts to choose from and the performance of those charts is legendary as the SciChart software is now able to display 10,000,000+ point line-charts, 1,000,000+ bar candlestick charts or 1,000,000+ point scatter charts.